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Ultra Light 3D Aluminum Aircraft Panel

Then, once you have fixed the worktable with a flat surface on which the plate is placed, it is time to align and cut the plate.After cutting, the surface of the plate is clean and very delicate.

Aluminum three-dimensional aviation board processing matters


It is possible to use a special cutting machine to cut an aluminum three-dimensional aviation board.


A very important process in the processing of aluminum three-dimensional aviation board is the grooving process.Plane off the back of the board by 0.2 mm, the best processing angle is recommended to be 91°, and the bottom plate of the board and the inner core material should be processed into an angle of 910 together.

1)Machining serrations is as shown in the diagram on the left, the surface uses R-5.5, 91° angle, and the plate is made into serrations.

2)When grooving is widely used in the project, the production efficiency can be better improved due to the use of grooving saws and mobile mechanical equipment.


As soon as the product is grooved, place the product on a flat surface for positioning, then bend the bending fixture at 90 degrees to conform the plate to the drawing requirements.It is important to keep the bent part level after grooving.(Note: In order to prevent deformation and cracking, the cracking degree of the inner part of the corner should be above 10C.) The bent edge should be at least 20mm over the design height, so that both the corner part and the silicone will have a better waterproofing effect.Effects and a higher level of performance.

Round bending

Under normal circumstances, a large number of ordinary bending machines are used for both spheronization and bending.It is used that at the beginning of the bending, the bending line will be 100mm, and the final spheronization will be about 50mm, which can make the design of the spheronization small and convenient for operation.When bending, after the teeth on both sides of the product are bent, the product can make excellent round bends after the teeth are bent on both sides.The round plates can be used for bending.Due to the difference in the size of the corrugation in the middle of the core plate, the manufacturing and design are different. As a result, technical staff should be consulted first and then production schedules should be developed.

ultra light 3D aluminum aircraft Panel (3)ultra light 3D aluminum aircraft Panel (2)ultra light 3D aluminum aircraft Panel (1)

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