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Honeycomb Core Sandwich Panels

Our Honeycomb Core Sandwich Panels is made from high-quality foreign raw materials and is precision-sized throughout the manufacturing process. With the innovative pre-coated fluorocarbon paint method used on the surface, the color will not fade for thirty years.

Product Introduction

Through a combination of pressured high-temperature and two-component polymer epoxy adhesive film and two-component modified epoxy resin, the business employs completely enclosed dust-free operation and automated honeycomb panel composite manufacturing equipment to make aluminum honeycomb panels sticky. Then a more solid, flexible bending, a straighter plate, and a more trustworthy quality. All types of honeycomb panels, including arc plates, folding plates, and trapezoid plates, may be customized to meet architectural design needs. All non-planar shaped plates, such as circular arcs, L-shapes, and U-shapes, are manufactured by a single molding process. Aluminum roll from the same batch of rollers, no color variation. It's a high-quality, light-weight, high-strength ornamental material with a beautiful look.

Product features

Low density: Because the aluminum honeycomb core structure is a porous discontinuous material with a tiny cross section, the cell density is low.

After the aluminum honeycomb core is compounded with the aluminum surface bottom plate, the space inside the space is filled with air due to the sealed condition of the aluminum plate and honeycomb structure, and air passage is restricted within the space.

Due to the fact that heat and sound waves cannot propagate very far, aluminum honeycomb panels provide excellent sound and heat insulation.

The aluminum honeycomb core is a component of the Honeycomb Core Sandwich Panels, and the hexagonal structure acts like an I-beam, dispersing pressure from all directions.

Superior flatness and rigidity: The honeycomb core is compressed vertically. Each board has an infinite number of fixed honeycombs that will not move, guaranteeing that the panel stays upright and flat under pressure and impact.

Lightweight and energy-efficient: Honeycomb Core Sandwich Panels are just 1/5 the weight of aluminum and 1/10 the weight of steel for the same stiffness.

Its cost performance is much superior to that of aluminum sheet and aluminum veneer, resulting in considerable material savings.

Fire protection: The National Building Materials Quality Supervision and Inspection Center has certified that this material's performance indicators fulfill flame retardant material criteria.


Honeycomb Core Sandwich Panels made of high-strength 3003 aluminum alloy with a high-density aluminum honeycomb core. The panel's typical thickness is 0.8mm or 1.0mm, and the board's overall thickness is 10mm, 15mm, or 20mm. Additional specs, structures, and sizes may be devised and fabricated to satisfy the requirements of diverse applications.

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