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Three-dimensional Aluminum Core Aviation Panel

The structure of the aluminum three-dimensional aviation board is a full-dimensional three-layer structure, which is made of AL3003 aluminum alloy material and thermally composited with a unique bonding technology.


Product Introduction

The attenuation rate of peel strength in 20 years is less than 5%, Combining the advantages of a variety of metal curtain wall panels, it has the advantages of excellent surface flatness, light weight and high strength, small compressive change rate, unique texture, good weather resistance, easy processing, good fire resistance, and high depreciation recovery rate. The unique comer folding structure not only enhances the bending resistance of the board, but also improves the resistance to wind pressure and the cyclic load cycle. At the same time, it has better waterproof, anli-corrosion and anti-permeability performance to ensure the same life span of the board and the building.

Product features

1. The board has a high degree of flatness and a slow rate of change in wind resistance.

2. Outstanding corrosion resistance and effective self-cleaning

3. Arbitrary form to match personality's attractiveness

4.Good fire resistance and complies with fire safety regulations

5. Lightweight, processable, and simple to installAbout us

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