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Aluminum Honeycomb Core Wall Panel

Our Honeycomb Core Sandwich Panels is made from high-quality foreign raw materials and is precision-sized throughout the manufacturing process. With the innovative pre-coated fluorocarbon paint method used on the surface, the color will not fade for thirty years.

Product Introduction

Through a combination of pressured high-temperature and two-component polymer epoxy adhesive film and two-component modified epoxy resin, the business employs completely enclosed dust-free operation and automated honeycomb panel composite manufacturing equipment to make aluminum honeycomb panels sticky. Then a more solid, flexible bending, a straighter plate, and a more trustworthy quality. All types of honeycomb panels, including arc plates, folding plates, and trapezoid plates, may be customized to meet architectural design needs. All non-planar shaped plates, such as circular arcs, L-shapes, and U-shapes, are manufactured by a single molding process. Aluminum roll from the same batch of rollers, no color variation. It's a high-quality, light-weight, high-strength ornamental material with a beautiful look.

About us

l Advanced Equipment

l Throughout the process of raw material procurement, semi-finished product production, and final packaging of the products, Zhongnan JuLong Industrial Group Co., Ltd. has been equipped with advanced equipment, expert technology, and professional inspectors to ensure that high quality products are manufactured.

l Precise procedures

In order to serve the company's various product experiments, testing, and R&D needs, the Group's R&D and testing center is dedicated to this task.The test system is equipped with the following advanced measuring instruments: an advanced mirror gloss measuring instrument, a pencil scratch hardness tester, an electronic tensile tester with a digital display, an analytic balance, a film clash tester, a melt wiper, an adhesion tester, a UV accelerated aging tester, and a salt fog retesting tester, among others.For the product quality to meet the standards, rigorous procedures and accurate data are used.


Honeycomb Core Sandwich Panels made of high-strength 3003 aluminum alloy with a high-density aluminum honeycomb core. The panel's typical thickness is 0.8mm or 1.0mm, and the board's overall thickness is 10mm, 15mm, or 20mm. Additional specs, structures, and sizes may be devised and fabricated to satisfy the requirements of diverse applications.

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