How should the composite aluminum panel be installed?

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How should the composite aluminum panel be installed?

1. Local analysis and installation work done following the elevation and center of civil engineering construction. The design of an aluminum composite panel is based on the shape of the building itself, but the majority of aluminum composite panels are horizontal or vertical in construction, which has some influence on the task of vertical throwing aim.

2. The connector is joined and fixed by the components incorporated into the integrated structure. The connector is welded and fixed by electric welding, and the anti-rust paint is applied to the welding seam. Pre-built steel components can be drilled into the main structure and fastened with steel connectors.

3. Weld the frame into place. During the installation, the elevation and center positions are checked at all times. Cross-section welds, on the other hand, are coated with rust-proof paint and must be concealed with fixing connectors.

4. Setting up the skeleton Weld the skeleton together. At any time during the installation, check the elevation and center position. At the same time, anticorrosive paint is applied to the cross-section welds. Fixed connectors are hidden. Weld length, thickness, and position are all recorded in inspection records. Elevation, volume, and embedment depth can all be customized.

5. Attach the aluminum composite panel to the profile's inner frame. Tap the screw holes to tighten them first. To secure the aluminum plastic plate to the steel frame, use rivets. The space between the plates is 10-15 mm wide and silicone-injected. Taking off the wrapping paper before installing the weatherproof sealant aluminum sheet is strictly prohibited. It is not finished until the protective packaging film has been removed. Construction must be done in the specified direction, that is, in the direction of the arrow on the aluminum composite panel.

assembling aluminum composite panels

Precautions for installing and assembling aluminum composite panels

1. Examine the structural drawings and dimensions measured on-site carefully to ensure that the design and detailed processing are flawless. At the same time, double-check the structural node diagram. Locate the mismatched components and correct the design as soon as possible.

2. Confirm that the horizontal and vertical keel quality meets the requirements of the drawings. The horizontal and vertical keels are installed by the design specifications. Don't forget to connect the cables. To ensure the accuracy of the installation plate, the horizontal and horse beam members must be drilled using a warp beam, and the deformed and sunken joints must be handled properly to meet the application's requirements.

3. The metal connectors' material and machined shape must meet the design requirements. In addition, the material requires a factory certificate and a re-inspection report.

4. The connector-to-vertical-keel connection must be reliable, and the spring ring must not leak.

5. Check the material, surface color, strength, appearance, and processing accuracy of the aluminum composite panel to confirm that it meets the design and standards.

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