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Aircraft Floor Panels

It may be better to put it this way: aircraft floor panels, which are also known as aluminum three-dimensional panels, are superior honeycomb panels that do not require the high unit cost of aluminum honeycomb panels and are tougher and lighter than aluminum honeycomb panels.

Structure of aircraft floor panels

In spite of the fact that it is entirely made out of metal and has no plastic components at all, it is fireproof, ecologically safe, and it shows the qualities that an aluminum plastic plate for making omelets as well as an aluminum plate would exhibit.As a result of the three-dimensional physical structure's innovative design, a minimal amount of aluminum is used. There are many different styles depending on whether the material is imitation stone, imitation wood, or brushed mirror, for example.


Having been founded in 2003, this organization has shown courage since the very beginning by exploring and pushing for the highest levels of success since it was formed.As a result, with its high-quality aluminum corrugated core board as well as its after-sales support for the system, it has established itself a solid name in the market. The company cooperates, develops, and innovates in a true and genuine manner, adhering to the philosophy of "quality first." As a result, the company has gained the strong support and consumer confidence of many people.

1. Due to the fact that the aluminum corrugated core composite aluminum plate has a unit area of 5kg/m2, the overall construction time has been significantly reduced as a result.There is a good possibility that the life of the building will be prolonged due to the light weight of the metal plate and the less exposed stress to the structure due to its light weight.

2. In terms of processing and installation, this material is very easy to work with, it can be punched, cut, bent, and formed into flat or curved plates, as well as the material can be punched, cut, bent, and formed into flat or curved plates.

3. Aluminum corrugated core composite aluminum plate is one of the best materials on the market when it comes to environmental protection because it is easy to clean and maintain, non-toxic, does not emit any harmful gases, and complies with all regulations related to environmental protection.

4. In terms of environmental protection, corrugated aluminum composite aluminum plate is the best material since it is easy to clean and maintain, non-toxic, emits no harmful gases, and complies with all environmental laws and regulations.

5. The aluminum corrugated core composite aluminum plate offers a unique blend of price, functionality, and aesthetics because this composite aluminum plate corrects some of the flaws of aluminum veneer, adds vibrancy to the look, and considerably enhances the decorative aspect of the structure as a whole.

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