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Signage Printing Aluminum Composite Panel

This type of material is specially designed for the construction of ventilated facades, their renovation or rehabilitation. It provides solutions that can be adapted to all fields of architecture.

Product introduction

signage printing aluminum composite panel There is one thing we can all agree on within the construction industry, and it is that the popularity of signage printing aluminum composite panel has not stopped growing over the past few years. Its use has been expanding under the cover of energy efficiency, low price and construction possibilities.


1. Good durability:

The aluminum-plastic plate adopts the thermal composite technology of metal and core material, which is firmly bonded, and its surface coating adopts different materials according to the different use environment.

2. Good processability:

Aluminum plastic board is composed of aluminum and plastic, which is easy to cut, punch, dig grooves, bend and other processing. It can be processed with aluminum a or special processing equipment for wood. Therefore, it can not only be processed in the factory, but also the proposed composite plate can be processed on site.

3. Good fire resistance:

The fire-proof aluminum-plastic board adopts the newly developed core material, which is filled with inorganic filler. Therefore, the improvement of fire-proof performance has made a leap, which can reach the B1 Standard and meet the requirements of building regulations.


When used in construction, signage printing aluminum composite panel have the potential to give buildings a more contemporary appearance. Additionally, when compared to more conventional materials such as steel, wood, and concrete, working with signage printing aluminum composite panel is a big step forward in terms of ease of manipulation.

These are some of the most common uses of this economical and versatile product in architecture and construction.

The external cladding of buildings, as well as the internal cladding.

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