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Fire-resistantsilicon-goldcomposite Panel

The fireproof silicon-gold composite panel is made of inorganic silica, magnesium hydroxide, and a range of non-toxic, non-toxic, fireproof, and waterproof alloy elements. It is non-radioactive and odorless, and the raw materials utilized are free of formaldehyde, plasticizers, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Product Introduction

Compared to conventional composite panels, this fireproof silicon-gold panel is composed of a wide variety of non-toxic, non-toxic, fireproof, and waterproof alloy elements, as well as inorganic silica, magnesium hydroxide, and other non-toxic elements.There is no radiation or odor emanating from this material; it is made from non-radioactive, non-plasticizers and non-volatile organic compounds (VOCs)-free raw materials.Fresh air can be maintained at a constant level in the interior by maintaining a constant level of ventilation.A high temperature of 200-300 degrees Celsius is used in the facility to bake and purify the raw material for the silicon gold board in order to remove any potential hazardous volatile components before leaving the facility.As a result of the National Fire Test Center certifying the product as non-combustible by nature, it is therefore considered to have passed the Class A fire test.Since silicon-gold plates are highly strong and hard, they have a typical thickness of 4 mm because of their great strength and hardness.However, despite it being as thick as a metal plate, it is still as sturdy and durable as a wooden one.As a result, if it gets wet, it won't burn, won't become moldy, won't attract insects, and won't rust if it doesn't get wet.In addition, it has many additional features.

Product features

Non-toxic, nontoxic, green, and ecologically friendly; purification at high temperatures; fireproof and non-combustible; ultra-thin and ultra-light, but strong; Self-cleaning capability; high weather resistance; ease of processing; space-saving; infinitely multicolored; efficient and clean construction; Say good-bye to the age of smearing.

Marketing concept: Mutual benefit and mutual advantage

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The scope of the application is as follows:

There are a wide range of applications for the silicon-gold composite panels, which include large-scale building walls, interior walls, shopping mall facade decoration, advertising signs of large scale, and interior panels for furniture, automotives, home appliances, renovations, and the transformation of old buildings, etc.As a decorative panel, it is the ideal choice.

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