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Silicon-gold Composite Board

Inorganic silica, magnesium hydroxide, and a variety of non-toxic, non-toxic, fireproof, and waterproof alloy materials make up the fireproof silicon-gold composite panel. The raw ingredients used are devoida of formaldehyde, plasticizers, and volatile organic compounds, making it non-radioactive and odorless (VOCs).

Product Introduction

Inside fresh air may be kept at a consistent level. For safety reasons, the silicon gold board's raw material is baked and refined at temperatures between 200 and 300 degrees Celsius before it is sent out of the plant. Because it passed a Class A fire test, the National Fire Test Center certifies that the product is not flammable in its natural state.. The fireproof silicon-gold composite panel has a typical thickness of about 4 mm because of its high strength and hardness. Despite this, it is as sturdy and long-lasting as a metal plate. ' In the event that it becomes wet, it will not catch fire, mildew, attract insects, or rust. Additionally, there are other other features that make it unique.

Product features

Non-toxic, nontoxic, green, and ecologically friendly; purification at high temperatures; fireproof and non-combustible; ultra-thin and ultra-light, but strong; Self-cleaning capability; high weather resistance; ease of processing; space-saving; infinitely multicolored; efficient and clean construction; Say good-bye to the age of smearing.

Aluminum composite panels are perfect solution

Perfect construction material has two main characteristics. First one is that it has to be lightweight and the second is that is has to be easily used. According to that definition bricks, concrete, wood and steel are not such a perfect construction material. For that reason for many years and centuries architects had problems with materials until 100 years ago. Aluminum was started being used in architecture but even aluminum caused some complications. Perfect solution was introduced in 1969. Aluminum was used in production of aluminum composite panels and architects were amazed. Albumin panels completely changed the look of city skylines.

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