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Aluminium Composite Material Wholesale

Panels made of amorphous ceramic matrix (ACM) are a suitable material for applications, whether indoors or outdoors, that call for high dimensional stability, low weight, and a sleek, bright aesthetic.

Product introduction

aluminium composite material wholesale. aluminium composite material is a type of sandwich panel that has three layers and is constructed out of two sheets of pre-painted aluminum attached to a polyethylene (PE) core.


Produced using the latest technology

Save money during production compared to sandwich panels manufactured using the old ways

Lightweight and designed beautifully

High level of insulating against heat loss

recyclable and environmental friendly


What are the grades of aluminum used in manufacturing ACP?

l     AA 1100/AA 3003: The alloy of this grade is a manganese alloy which has a minimum tensile strength of 120 N/mm2 and to be used for buildings below 10 meters.

l     AA 3005/ AA3105: the alloy of this grade is a magnesium and manganese alloy which has a minimum tensile strength of 150 N/mm2. This is to be used for external façade solutions as magnesium decreases the chances of oxidation of aluminum and the tensile strength enables it to handle wind loads of 2.25 KPa easily.

l     AA 5005: this alloy has the magnesium content nearing to 1% which is required in coastal regions for not letting the aluminum oxidize and paint to sustain high salty moisture content. Also, it has the minimum tensile strength of 150 N/mm2 which enables it to handle wind loads of 2.25 KPa.

How to choose aluminum-plastic plate?

1. Judge whether the flexibility of aluminum-plastic plate is strong by its bending degree. You know, the aluminum-plastic plate we use everyday has very strong flexibility. After bending it, it will not cause damage to the aluminum-plastic plate

Damaged. Therefore, when buying, you can properly bend the aluminum-plastic plate. If it is easy to break, it means that it is a fake product.

2. The purchase of aluminum-plastic plates must be guaranteed by certificates. After we have selected the aluminum-plastic plate, don't rush to place an order. Let the merchants provide the operation manual and quality assurance certificate of the aluminum-plastic plate. If the merchants can't

If you provide such materials, you need to be very careful. It's best not to buy them. On the contrary, if the shops provide these materials, you can rest assured.

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