What is the application range of aluminum composite panels?

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What is the application range of aluminum composite panels?

The aluminum composite panel is a new type of building decoration material. In China, it is widely used for building exterior walls, and curtain wall panels, as well as renovations and refurbishments of older buildings. The three major curtain walls include interior wall and ceiling decoration, billboards, display shelves, and bleached and dustproof aluminum composite panels. Occasionally, aluminum composite panels are used in aircraft and equipment.

The use of advertising

Aluminum composite panels are usually PE coated in a wide variety of bright and vibrant colors, making them ideal for advertising panels. These panels can also be spray painted with patterns. Meanwhile, advertising aluminum panels are also widely used in door advertising, using aluminum skins that are not very thick in order to reduce costs and ensure quality.

Panels of medical experts

Depending on the site size, aluminum composite panels can be produced and installed from door to door within two feet. Installation is easier than with other materials, and labor costs are lower than with other materials. Therefore, it is more appropriate to meet the procurement needs of hospital medical panels. Furthermore, the special material of aluminum composite panels offers fire retardancy and corrosion resistance. This makes it suitable for use in the environment of medical treatment, where the aluminum composite panel is more effective. Furthermore, the aluminum composite panel is able to maintain its original surface color for 10 years mainly due to the use of lamination technology. This new aluminum composite panel can stand out and become the preferred choice of most medical panels in the future.

A curtain wall made of aluminum

Because of its own lightweight material, the aluminum curtain wall has been dominant in the metal curtain wall, which can reduce the building load and provide a good choice of conditions for high-rise buildings. When combined with the impact-resistant properties of aluminum composite panels, it has an excellent performance in waterproofing, stain, and corrosion resistance, ensuring that the building's exterior surface is long-lasting and new. Because of its lighter weight, it is easier to implement in processing, transportation, installation, and construction, providing strong support for its widespread use. Furthermore, it has more color options, allowing designers to process and match different design appearances through color combinations.


Wall decoration for the outside

Aluminum composite panels are the first choice for building facade decoration. Paint exterior walls retain weather resistance, but the wall itself will lose its luster and color over time, necessitating a few years of repainting. The introduction of aluminum composite panels, on the other hand, has changed the appearance of the building façade and established an unusual manufacturing process due to their broad scalability. It not only compensates for the shortcomings of stucco facades, but it is also less expensive. It does not need to be replaced or refurbished every few years; it only needs to be cleaned on a regular basis to keep its luster.