Why should we choose aluminum-plastic board? What should we pay attention to when choosing aluminum-plastic board?

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Why should we choose aluminum-plastic board? What should we pay attention to when choosing aluminum-plastic board?

In recent years, aluminum-plastic panels have become increasingly popular, and they have become part of the public's everyday life. It is inevitable that people will ask why you choose aluminum-plastic panels. Is there another option available? What should we pay attention to when choosing an aluminum-plastic board? To begin with, why do we choose aluminum-plastic plates?

1. High-cost performance.

Aluminum plastic plates contain more aluminum and fewer other alloys, making them easier to process and cheaper. In addition to increasing the processing difficulty, adding other kinds of metal alloys will also increase the price. Using a new process, aluminum-plastic plates are improved in peel strength, so that flatness and weather resistance are improved correspondingly.

2. Light material.

Aluminum-plastic plate weighs seven to eleven kilograms per square meter, equivalent to the weight of an ordinary adult cat, so it effectively reduces the damage caused by earthquakes, and construction is easier. Various shapes can be completed using simple woodworking tools, such as cutting, planing, and bending into arcs and right angles, thereby reducing construction costs.

3. Strong weather resistance.

This aluminum-plastic board has been painted with PVDF fluorocarbon paint, which won't fade regardless of whether it's exposed to the sun in summer or the wind and snow in winter. There is a 20-year life expectancy for the color.


What do we need to pay attention to when purchasing aluminum-plastic plates?

Firstly, it is a common misconception among consumers that aluminum-plastic plates vary in thickness, and the thicker they are, the better they are. In fact, it depends on the occasion. In the case of household products, the thickness can be determined at a glance by looking at the specifications, instructions, thickness, and other information on the products.

Secondly, the appearance must be the top priority since it is an aluminum-plastic plate. It is also important to consider whether the surface of aluminum-plastic plates is smooth and flat before making a purchase. Even if there is a discount, don't be greedy for small bargains if there are ripples, bubbles, and scratches.

Thirdly, aluminum plastic plates are semi-finished products that can only be used after professional installation. Hence, when purchasing, ensure that the manufacturer will provide professional after-sales service to guarantee product quality, and choose a manufacturer with a good reputation.